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Microsoft Office has Outlook application bundled within it and so provides a repair tool enabling Outlook user to solve PST problems. The tool provided by Microsoft Office to repair problems regarding PST file is known as Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe. This PST repair tool gets automatically installed on the system while installing Microsoft Office on the PC. Accordingly, the tool is used to repair common problems of PST files and PST errors. The Outlook application make use of sophisticated techniques to fix the Outlook related problem. As a matter of fact, there are certain issues associated with Outlook and its repair tool scanpst.exe. An Outlook user once in their life time encounter scanpst.exe related problem. Problems like unable to find scanpst.exe, scanpst.exe is not working can come across. Probably the most common problem is to find the scanpst.exe in Outlook application.

This problem arises because scanpst.exe is stored at different location depending upon the different versions of Outlook. In such cases, you can go for microsoft scanpst.exe download over the internet to solve your scanpst.exe related problems. If you go for microsoft scanpst.exe download over the internet then you can get latest and upgraded version of the recovery software that will perform the repairing task more easily and effectively. Yet, there are some restrictions associated with scanpst.exe tool which makes it unfit for the use and unable to perform complete repairing task of PST files. At this point, you need to do microsoft scanpst.exe download. Experts have found many users complaining about the problems that scanpst.exe leaves the recovery process in between while resolving the PST file issue. So if you want to solve your PST related problems and get out of scanpst.exe issue by performing microsoft scanpst.exe download from internet.

Brief Look On Scanpst.exe Of Outlook Application

Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt tool of Outlook application which get installed automatically on the computer while installing complete package of MS Office. This scanpst.exe is also termed as Inbox Repair Tool. You may not find this tool so easily in your Outlook because it is a hidden file and you have Windows Explorer hiding these files. The tool is actually on your computer but you are unable to find it. If such thing happens, you have an alternative and that is microsoft scanpst.exe download or also download scanpst exe file.

Features Of Scanpst.exe

  • Easily recovers mailbox items from Outlook shutdowns.
  • Recovers all Outlook mailbox items such as emails, contacts, calendar, tasks etc.
  • Recovers HTML & RTF mails.
  • Provides recovery from compressed PST file problems.
  • Quickly fix Outlook start-up errors.
  • Fix 2GB size limitation problems.
  • Facilitates repairing of password protected PST files.
  • Easy and simple recovery option.
  • Simple user interface.

    Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair
    Remo Repair Outlook (PST)
    DataNumen Outlook Repair

    How To Find Location Of Scanpst.exe Of Outlook Application?

    When you have problem while tracking the location of scanpst.exe then follow the steps given below to know about the exact location of scanpst.exe tool.

    • At first, open your Explorer an click on Tools option.
    • Click on Folder options → View tab.
    • Now, click on Show Hidden Files and Folders radio button.
    • Here, uncheck the box Hide Known File Extensions.
    • Then click o Apply.
    • Click on Apply To All Folders → Yes → click OK.
    • Now ensure that Outlook is closed and Task manager as well.
    • Goto Start and type scanpst.exe om search Program and Files and hit Enter.

    Otherwise, if you have another issue related to scanpst.exe such as not responding scanpst.exe, improper working of scanpst.exe and other, you need to do microsoft scanpst.exe download from internet or consult an expert.

    To know more about scanpst.exe, Click Here.

    Why Is There Need To Do Microsoft Scanpst.exe Download?

    There is need to do microsoft scanpst.exe download over the internet because a number of workarounds are available where scanpst.exe tool completely fails and makes user helpless. Most of the time, scanpst.exe tool fails depending upon the amount of damage and corruption in PST file. So, the main reasons behind the failure of inbuilt tool are mentioned below :

    Oversized PST File Size : This is a limitation where scanpst.exe stops working if the PST file size exceeds the limit of 2GB. A large sized PST file slows the performance and and terminate the repairing process, thus make you feel the need for microsoft scanpst.exe download or scanpst.exe download.

    Problem In Installation Of Scanpst.exe : If scanpst.exe is not properly installed and user is trying to repair damaged PST file then there can be data loss scenario. This is because of some installation issue. So you better microsoft scanpst.exe download immediately.

    Fixes Low Level Corruption : Another limitation imposed by the tool is scanpst.exe fails when the corruption level is comparatively high. It is suitable for fixing low level corruption of PST file. So in this case again, microsoft scanpst.exe download is recommended.

    Cannot Restore Password Protected PST File : Using scanpst.exe tool, you will not be able to restore password protected PST file because it does not support this feature. At last, you need to find an alternative and go for microsoft scanpst.exe download.

    Above mentioned reasons are enough to make it very clear why scanpst.exe does not respond or work properly. Under such circumstances, you need to use third party software and do microsoft scanpst.exe download.

    Best Solutions To Resolve Outlook PST File Issue

    Most often, this is the case many Outlook users face and get anxious to recover their important emails and files. They at first try to recover the emails through scanpst.exe but when it fails, they become hopeless. If the problem pursue, Outlook users are required to do microsoft scanpst.exe download over the internet. Taking help of scanpst.exe is the best solution to solve the problem unless it fails. In such situations, third party tool does a wonder to victims. Instead of doing microsoft scanpst.exe download, you should opt for third party recovery tool. Few best software are listed below to assist you in your recovery task.

    #1. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

    Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is an Outlook recovery tool which is designed using highly advance algorithm and sophisticated techniques to make the recovery task easier for the users. It is designed to repair the corrupt or damaged PST files effectively and certainly in a very short period of time. With this recovery utility, you can easily resolve many of your PST file issues such as oversized PST file, corrupt or damaged PST file, PST files damaged due to virus attack, etc. It is better to download third party PST repair tool, instead of microsoft scanpst exe download.

    If you are looking for quick and simple PST recovery solution then nothing can beat Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair tool. It has easy to use interface and quick navigation system.

    Unique Features Of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

    • Enables you to scan corrupt PST files and repair them.
    • Robust and powerful application.
    • Helps you split large PST files depending on the criteria.
    • Compacts the size of the PST using powerful algorithm.
    • Performs deep scan of the PST file.
    • Able to merge multiple Outlook files into a single file.
    • Modifying contents of the PST file.
    • Complete solution to recover even forgotten password of email accounts.


    User Guide Of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

    Step 1. Select PST File for Repair on the main interface. A dialog box will appear with two options : to 'Browse' and 'Find' to repair corrupt files you wish to.

    Step 2. Click on Browse button that will obtain corrupt PST files from computer. Select PST files and click on 'Repair' button to begin the repair process.

    Step 3. Next, click Find button in case you don't know the exact location of PST file. Select the drives one by one to search for PST files. Then, click on Find.

    Step 4. The progress bar will show running status of scanning process.

    Step 5. Recoverable mailbox items will be listed from the scanned PST file in the left side tree panel. Here, you can also select all or any a specific mailbox item from the list which you want to recover.

    Step 6. Finally, click on Save Scan button to save all scanned information of PST file. And thus you need not to scan a damaged PST file again.

    #2. Remo Repair Outlook (PST)

    Remo Repair Outlook (PST) helps you easily overcome Outlook PST corruption enhance performance and also recovers PST files. With the release of this amazing software, you can perform a number of operations related to Outlook from centralized. There is no wonder when you lose your important PST files from your Outlook files, it is obviously a disaster for anyone. They start to panic and keep looking for some solutions but then they lose hope when they come to know that it is difficult to recover PST files. Well, it was all about past when recovery was difficult. But this has now become possible with Remo Repair Outlook (PST).

    This wonderful software is studded with all features that overcome the demerits of scanpst tool and does not make you to feel microsoft scanpst exe download. With this lovely software, you need not to install different softwares to perform different task. All the options and features are clearly stated and easy to navigate.

    Unique Features Of Remo Repair Outlook (PST)

    • Ability to repair archived Outlook data files.
    • Able to recover mails, contacts, tasks, notes, calendars, events and many more.
    • simply extracts data from Outlook files to create a healthy file.
    • Does not modify original content.
    • Recovers mails from deleted folders.
    • Repairs oversized Outlook PST file corruption.
    • Recovers email messages from password protected PST file.


    User Guide Of Remo Repair Outlook (PST)

    Step 1. At first install Remo Repair Outlook (PST) on your PC.

    Step 2. There will be three options present on the front screen, choose as per your requirement. Choose Open Default PST File to open default location of damaged PST file. click Select PST File Manually when you know the location of corrupted pst files. Select Find All your PST Files option if you do not the location of your file.

    Step 3. At this step, another two options will be displayed i.e, Normal Scan and Smart Scan. Select the option depending on your need.

    Step 4. Click on Repair button.

    Step 5. Now, save your files at desired location.

    #3. DataNumen Outlook Repair

    DataNumen Outlook Repair, yet another professional recovery tool which is used to recover email messages and attachments from the Outlook application that are deleted and lost from folders. The recovery tool is also the most proficient email recovery software designed by professionals and experts. The revamped recovery mechanism of the tool is able to locate, recover and repair damaged Outlook databases from corrupted, formatted and repartitioned hard disks. With the help of this recovery tool, it is quite possible to reconstruct the highly fragmented PST files from multiple parts of files and thus no need to concern about microsoft scanpst exe download.

    DataNumen Outlook Repair makes your recovery completely an easy task. Undoubtedly, it is an outstanding PST repair software that can be easily used in place of scanpst.exe tool. The software ensures quick recovery of PST files and other mailbox content. It facilitates you to save all the recovered items as new usable PST files that can be imported in Outlook application once again.

    Unique Features Of DataNumen Outlook Repair

    • Able to repair, manage and merge PST file.
    • Easily regain access to mail items by repairing damaged PST file.
    • Merge multiple Outlook PST files.
    • Reduce PST size by fragmenting files into multiple PST files.
    • Efficiently recovers lost or forgotten password of encrypted PST file.
    • Facilitate you to join and merge multiple Outlook files.
    • Also removes duplicate mail items.


    User Guide Of DataNumen Outlook Repair

    Step 1. Launch DataNumen Outlook Repair software on your system then select the path of corrupted PST file.

    Step 2. Select a specified location where you want to store your recovered PST file.

    Step 3. Or leave the Output file as undefined if you want to save it on any location since the software will automatically save the files in desired format.

    Step 4. Click on Start Repair button to initiate scanning and repairing process of corrupted PST files.

    Step 5. Once the software has completed repairing. It will then save the recovered items on the desired location and you will be able to open it with Outlook application soon after it.

    To Sum It Up ...

    Well, we all hereby are aware of the fact that scanpst.exe is a free and inbuilt utility command line which is offered by Outlook. It is provided by Outlook to recover damaged, corrupted and formatted PST data files. However, there are many reasons which are responsible for the corruption and damage to PST file. At this point, if the problem continues and cannot be solved, users first choice is scanpst.exe. But when scanpst.exe fails to resolve the issue, you feel the need for microsoft scanpst.exe download. Nevertheless, it is recommended that instead of microsoft scanpst.exe download, you must go for Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. It is a complete solution to solve problem and users can fully rely on this recovery tool regarding PST repairing.


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